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What We Offer


The Rooted Anchor's commitment is providing meals that are not only delicious but also healthy, organic, and sustainable. By prioritizing the quality of ingredients and the impact on the environment, we are not only nourishing our customers but also contributing positively to the world around them. Creating memories through food that is both good for the body and the planet is a wonderful mission to uphold.

Event Catering

Everything from small cocktail gatherings to micro weddings, dinner parties, and special occasions, we’d love to make your celebration special! All food is made from scratch, only using the freshest and local ingredients.


Weekly Meals

We all know that some days, dinner is the last thing you want to think about. Here, The Rooted Anchor can take the guessing and decision making out of it. Let us provide you with healthy, delicious meals and all you have to do is reheat!


Hospitality Consulting

Hospitality is something you feel. It's about the experience and the memories that live on after. From the beginning stages, to being in the weeds, or fine tuning an existing SOP- we've got you covered. It's okay to ask for help!

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Local Guarantee


Every ingredient is sourced locally, right here in the Upper Valley. Supporting our local farmers is what we do. All of our food is prepared from scratch, with the most delicious seasonal flavors. We are rooted in sustainability practices, and forever anchored with the love of hospitality- on and off the water.

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